Our Challenge


Most people are fundamentally dissatisfied – that is how the ‘monkey mind’ works. Because of your desires and patterns, you might feel guilty or powerless or you might be made to feel ashamed. Be kinder to yourself. This is an integral part of who you are. There is no overcoming. Accept that you are fallible. You are not evolving out of your primal brain anytime soon. Become awakened to your potential and limitations. Factor in this awareness into your thinking. Take ownership of your habits and patterns of behaviour, and start making conscious choices. You are not the center of the universe…but you are the most important person in your life.

Conscious relationships

In the same way you can see yourself clearly, you can learn to relate to others in a way that is based on your authentic connection. Approach others without a relationship blueprint and without the expectations dictated by your workplace, your culture, your family. Let a bond unfold and reveal its own shape. Develop an open and honest communication style, as well as the ability to make, accept and discuss mistakes. It is about mutual agreement on the form of that relationship right now – without worrying about how it was or it will be. Accept that change happens, relationships are evolving, fluid, and each of us is an independent agent.

Shared journey

It can be easy to look around and think that our ability to form “true connections” has faded, that any desire to get out of our comfort zone is gone. But you are here because part of you knows that there is more to life and relationships than what you have been taught. It is time to admit that you need help – and other ethical explorers need yours. Learn to ask for it. Become gracious at accepting it. Let yourself be vulnerable. Develop emotional intelligence and interdependence. Realise there is no destination to the journey and no final purpose other than the one you choose for yourself. Personal growth never stops. Rediscover the joy of connecting, of learning and of sharing the road – together and separately.

Our Purpose

Curiosity, Questioning & Continuous Learning

Through a vast array of resources and stimulating connections, NoMo empowers you to step out of your comfort zone.

Strong Body & Healthy Diet

Personal growth and emotional health are a whole-body event.
Ask us how we do it.

Ethical Non-Monogamy & Conscious Monogamy

Come mingle with relationship radicals and experience open and conscious sharing as a pathway to self-actualisation.

Development Network

NoMo helps you establish a strong personal growth network of friends and professionals to unlock your potential.

Why are you here?

I could ask: ‘Why have you come here this afternoon, what were you looking for?‘ Would it be too presumptuous of me to say that you were looking for help? That you hoped you would hear somebody who had something to say that would be of help and relevance to you as members of a world which is running into the most intense difficulty.

[This is because] we are all in various ways self-seeking, lacking in wisdom, lacking in courage, afraid of death, afraid of pain, unwilling really to cooperate with others, unwilling to be open to others. And we all think ‘That’s too bad. It’s me that’s wrong, and if only I could be the right person. Is this man going to tell me something that will help me to change myself so that I would be a more creative and cooperative member of the human race? I would like to improve.’

So in so many people’s minds and from so many different angles, there is this urgent feeling that ‘I must improve me’. […] Now in this question ‘Can I improve me?’ there is the obvious difficulty, that if I am in need of improvement, the person who’s going to do the improving, is the one who needs to be improved.

And there immediately we have a vicious circle.

Alan Watts "Mind over Mind", 1969

Who we are

NoMo is a community of relationship radicals: people who are trying to master the art of life. We actively engage with everyone who is making conscious lifestyle choices. We enquire, we debate, we share advice and our stories. We believe the greatest lab in the world is ourselves.

As a unique intersection of a personal development site, a sophisticated play party and a self-improvement support group, NoMo enables you to explore conscious relationships and all forms of personal connection, freedom & self-development within and from the heart of a supportive, growth-focussed network. We believe that meeting in person in a supportive environment beats a swipe right any day.

In order to deliver an experience catered to your level of comfort, NoMo offers an online platform for news and debate via NoMo: Community, as well as a physical space for members to interact via its two events NoMo: Icebreaker (a monthly social) and NoMo: Playground (a play event). We believe it is your choice as to how you engage with the tools we are providing.

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Anita and Andrea met in London in 2016 soon after self-identifying as polyamorous. They began to experiment with conscious relationships and personal growth through reading, dating and engaging on the sex party scene, together and separately. After a number of physically and intellectually stimulating experiences in London and abroad, they increasingly felt that there were needs which these places, great as they were, failed to meet. In response they founded NoMo, a knowledge-sharing platform, real-life community and event organiser for people who seek to improve their quality of life by taking a different look at societal assumptions in romantic, sexual, family, friend and professional relationships – including the most important relationship of our lives: the one with ourselves.

What is Self-actualisation?
What is Polyamory?


Anita is a published author and a mother of two, dividing her time between Kent and London. With a background in film studies and decennial experience in advertising, she is a lover of old books, new music and (mostly) clean food. Born and raised in sunny Italy, Andrea is an analyst with a passion for fintech, fine wine and maps. A theoretical physicist by training, he is an avid movie buff and likes reading about psychology and philosophy.

Anita and Andrea engage weekly with the London scene and passionately keep exploring new connections, themselves, and life.

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