Change is good! NoMo is changing soon…

We have been talking for a while about changes to the site and we thought now would be a good time for an update.

As of May, we started working with a wonderful team of web designers to get a new and shiny site up and running. It should be done in the next 8 weeks.

There will be a new name and a new look for the site but the core ideas behind NoMo remain. The idea that we can develop extraordinary conscious relationships, with ourselves and others. The idea of supported individualism, of compassionate communication and engaged community. There will also be clearer separation between the different types of events we offer. Keep those diaries to hand…

The design and branding agency we have been working with prior to sourcing a developer team are amazing – we are so excited to show you how it will all look!

It has been over a year since we created NoMo and started hosting the socials and we are proud of the work we have all done together to date. There has been so much growing for us as individuals, as well as within our community, and we are glad to call each and everyone of you a conscious ethical explorer, of the self and your relationship universes. The stars truly are the limit when it comes to where we are headed and what we are all capable of…

The next social is on JULY 5TH and we hope to see some of you there! Register here or RSVP with your usual log in!

Anita and Andrea

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