NoMo’s third time – August’s Icebreaker

When the politics of work, behavioural science, kink and Kant all come up in the first five minutes of a social then you know you are at a NoMo event.

Relationship radicals, some from as far afield as Brisbane, gathered in central London last night to talk about the wonderful and challenging world of managing many loves. We shared stories and advice and also talked about kink, politics, neuroscience, psychology and a shared love of latex.

It was a fun, lively evening and we all came away feeling happy: very much convinced that poly is both a great way to relate to others and an incredible way to learn to better relate to yourself.

The next social is in four weeks! Please register here.




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2 thoughts on “NoMo’s third time – August’s Icebreaker

  1. Hey Anita

    Thanks for organising the event. I’m sorry I didn’t get to join the group but it was really nice to see you all there having a good time. I had some amazing adventures that night too, I’ll tell you all about them next time I can come. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it in October.



  2. HI Keith!

    Thanks for the comment and yes, I am sorry you didn’t get to join in (we won’t forget the t shirt next time!!) but it sounds like you had an amazing time 🙂

    Look forward to hearing about it soon! Hopefully see you in October!


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