Sexual polarity

As we all experience sooner or later, the origin of sexual attraction amongst humans cannot be pinned down to any one factor. Each one of us is attracted to a multitude of traits, based on our gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition and personal history. There is, however, one characteristic that is universal to all sexual […]

Gender identity

Whilst language can only take us so far, it is still a useful tool. Here, at NoMo, we understand that gender can be fluid and also very much a social construct. With issues around gender now being discussed and debated even in the mainstream media, we thought a brief overview of some of the most common […]

Sexual orientations

Most people with an awareness of, and connection to, their sexuality understand it’s essential fluidity and are also, increasingly, moving away from using labels to define it. However, words can still be helpful to foster dialogue and improve understanding. The sheer array of terms which can now be used to discuss sexuality demonstrates just how […]

Relationship frameworks

Homo sapiens is a peculiar creature, influenced by many things beyond its biology. We live within an elaborate framework of cultural prescriptions, biological inclinations, historical traditions, psychological progress, and personal experiences. With so much variety, it is tempting to wonder what human beings are “naturally”. From an exquisitely scientific perspective, polygyny represents the most common form of […]