What having a crush taught me: feelings as signposts to understanding

I love it when you come across a simple idea communicated effectively in a short piece of writing, an idea that makes a set of complex feelings instantly explicable. Here Meg John Barker writes about how an experience of unrequited love can be a valuable source of insight into the self and the deeply hidden […]

The NoMo:Icebreaker end of May 2018

It was wonderful to see so many new faces at last week’s social. What was even better was seeing that, whilst the faces might be new, the need for this kind of space (a friendly, open and accepting one in which to talk sex, relationships) is not. The need to know one is not alone […]

How being “selfish” made me a better parent

One of the most common accusations I have had levelled at me since I came out about my open marriage, subsequent separation and now polyamorous lifestyle is that I was the epitome of selfishness. I promise you that no one has thought that about me more then I have. The question I asked myself, before […]

NoMo on BBC Radio Five Live

Your founders were asked to contribute to a conversation about polyamory and non-monogamy on BBC Radio Five Live earlier in April 2018. The dialogue was between us as well as a psychologist and researcher, Dr Christine Campbell, and relationship coach, Sam Owen. Listen from 2:36. We would love to know what you think! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09yd4pv No […]

NoMo: Icebreaker April 2018 – Climbing and comfort zones

As a change from the norm, NoMo gathered at Clip’n’Climb in Chelsea to push our limits and enjoy some laughter. Harnessed up, we then scaled and raced each other up various fun and VERY high climbing walls before abseiling down and landing, some more gracefully than others, on the much appreciated solid ground. Most of […]

What “The School Of Life” has wrong about polyamory and non-monogamy

A post from 2016 by The School of Life is making the rounds again and, having watched it, we at NoMo had a few things to say… Links to the video and written article at the end. Poly as the “cure” for fading LTR’s The piece begins by talking about a long term relationship (LTR) […]

NoMo on LBC Radio’s “Sex and Relationships”: Idealists and Pragmatists

On March 31st, I had the pleasure of being invited as a guest to Lucy Beresford‘s “Sex and Relationships” show on LBC Radio to talk about open relationships and polyamory. The topic of last Saturday’s broadcast, titled “Do open relationship ever work?“, was successful non-monogamous stories. This notion, I was told, clashes with Lucy’s personal […]