Do you know your own mind?

When was the last time you thought about your brain? That pound of grey jelly in your head is the most sophisticated, and significant, part of your body and yet most of us never think of it at all. As we age, many of us focus on strengthening our bodies when it is our minds […]

Porn panic! (via Justin Lehmiller)

There has been a spate of articles online of late about the horrors of porn use with porn being blamed for the usual catalogue of social miseries. Justin Lehmiller uses science and psychology to put the myths to rest… No ratings yet. Did you enjoy this read?

The self-actualised person (via Huffington Post)

Most people are caught up in the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy, seeking more comfort or unable to be authentic within their relationships. Maslow wanted us to realise our unique, as well as group, potential and here we can learn more on what that looks like… It looks and sounds very much like a relationship […]

Your relationship with life (via Steve Pavlina)

Radical relationships are, by their very nature, an incredible way to learn to trust life and yourself. Here, Steve Pavlina shares some great insight into open relationships… No ratings yet. Did you enjoy this read?