The NoMo:Icebreaker end of May 2018

It was wonderful to see so many new faces at last week’s social. What was even better was seeing that, whilst the faces might be new, the need for this kind of space (a friendly, open and accepting one in which to talk sex, relationships) is not. The need to know one is not alone and that how one feels and what one wants and needs is valid is both an old need and also a problematic one. Too often our deep seated needs and desires do not fit with the norms of society and, in the absence of people around us to talk to or who share our feelings, we feel wrong. To have two events in two days (the women only social and the Icebreaker) where people felt accepted and able to talk about their truth, their needs was powerful and inspiring. They were also fun and there was chips!

Almost everyone was new to the socials, almost everyone was on their own and had taken that brave first step of reaching out to a community. It was wonderful to meet you all and to see familiar faces too.

We are all on separate journeys but we are exploring similar territory and we need similar tools to navigate it. It is wonderful to be taking this conscious journey through the self, and through growth, with you all.

The socials continue to be described by everyone as relaxed, friendly and great for those who are both new and experienced in exploring the self and relationships. Wherever you are on your journey, support makes all the difference – register for NoMo here and the next social here…

Anita and Andrea

5/5 (2)

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