Winter update and 2018 dates

A welcome as warm as a log fire in a wintry Scottish cottage… this is what you can expect from a NoMo social and the dates are up (for registered members) for the first half of 2018. Check them out and pop them in your diary! If you would like to register please go here to do so and, remember, most applications fall down due to the lack of content as to why NoMo appeals so please fill that section in with care!

The NoMo team are thrilled with how 2017 has gone in terms of building the socials as well as the content here on the site. There is lots planned for 2018 including single gender/gender identifying socials and events as well as some work on the look and feel of the site.

What will not change is our focus on polyamory and intimacy as a wonderful way to grow and develop the self. We very much hope you will join us on this journey as we go into 2018.


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