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Curiosity, Questioning & Continuous Learning

Through a vast array of resources and stimulating connections, NoMo empowers you to step out of your comfort zone.

Strong Body & Healthy Diet

Personal growth and emotional health are a whole-body event.
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Ethical Non-Monogamy & Conscious Monogamy

Come mingle with relationship radicals and experience open and conscious sharing as a pathway to self-actualisation.

What our users say

I could ask: ‘Why have you come here this afternoon, what were you looking for?‘ Would it be too presumptuous of me to say that you were looking for help? That you hoped you would hear somebody who had something to say that would be of help and relevance to you as members of a world which is running into the most intense difficulty.

[This is because] we are all in various ways self-seeking, lacking in wisdom, lacking in courage, afraid of death, afraid of pain, unwilling really to cooperate with others, unwilling to be open to others. And we all think ‘That’s too bad. It’s me that’s wrong, and if only I could be the right person. Is this man going to tell me something that will help me to change myself so that I would be a more creative and cooperative member of the human race? I would like to improve.’

So in so many people’s minds and from so many different angles, there is this urgent feeling that ‘I must improve me’. […] Now in this question ‘Can I improve me?’ there is the obvious difficulty, that if I am in need of improvement, the person who’s going to do the improving, is the one who needs to be improved.

And there immediately we have a vicious circle.

Alan Watts "Mind over Mind", 1969