NoMo: Icebreaker April 2018 – Climbing and comfort zones

As a change from the norm, NoMo gathered at Clip’n’Climb in Chelsea to push our limits and enjoy some laughter.

Harnessed up, we then scaled and raced each other up various fun and VERY high climbing walls before abseiling down and landing, some more gracefully than others, on the much appreciated solid ground.

Most of us had not tried this kind of climbing before and it was fun to see the enjoyment that comes from trying and succeeding at a new challenge! Very much like the challenge of being a relationship radical – a little scary but ultimately very exciting and rewarding!

We enjoyed drinks and snacks with some other ethical explorers afterwards at The Rose in Fulham.

NoMo continues to get great feedback as a supportive, fun and engaging group for anyone interested in conscious relationships. Whether you are monogamous or non, asexual or aro, vanilla or kinky, straight or queer, everyone is welcome.

We are a support network for anyone who is currently questioning their relationship style, looking for support in navigating dating, LTRs, marriage or polyamorous relationships as well as those looking to change how they engage with their relationship and life choices.

We are here to help you develop an extraordinary relationship with yourself as well as others.

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