NoMo:Icebreaker kick-starts 2018!

NoMo waves hello to 2018 and what a start it was with a packed and lively social on Friday the 5th!

We had over 15 people in attendance at the first social of 2018 and, with a great mix of people who are consciously monogamous, new to non-monogamy and some who have been exploring the dynamic for decades, it was an interesting and fun night.

The conversations ranged far and wide as always and what is always notable is how safe and respected everyone feels as well as having a great social time.

It was good to hear how much people enjoyed the night and also to hear that they feel NoMo is really meeting a need for an intelligent, supportive and engaging place for people to get together and discuss their conscious relationship and lifestyle choices.

Your founders certainly left the night on a high, feeling inspired and with many ideas for the months ahead!

Let us know what you thought if you’re there and if you couldn’t make it we hope to see you soon!

Register for the February social here.



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