NoMo at Pride 2017

NoMo attended Pride for the first time this year as openly polyamorous relationship radicals and felt very proud indeed to be part of such a happy, welcoming and vibrant event.

To hear people explaining to their friends that they feel attracted to “people” not genders felt like a really positive step away from some of the more limiting norms and structures in our society.

I think that more can be done to make the event political again and to make sure that it continues to push an agenda that is less mono-normative and less corporate. It is not just about acceptance but about the questions we ask of the dominant norms and I think the more questions we ask the better. But, Pride is also about celebrating how far we have come. And, remembering, as I looked around at the openly gay and bisexual people celebrating together under the sunshine on Saturday, the fact that it has only been fifty years since homosexuality was de-criminalised in the UK I think we can say that we have come very far indeed… Let’s make the next year’s event about taking the journey even further!



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