NoMo:Icebreaker – August 2018’s social

It is such a pleasure to be sitting here to write a summary of our recent social and to be thinking can I really write another piece that says just how enjoyable, friendly and fun the evening was?

The feedback we get on the night is always so enthusiastic. Typically there is an even split between people who have attended an event before and those who are new and both get something very spceial out of the night. As do we. It has been well over a year now that we have been running these monthly socials and they never fail to teach us both something as well as being really fun and interesting. They are also a powerful reminder of why we do these get togethers: there is an ongoing need for human connection and sport and we are so happy to play a part in providing this!

As we enter the last few months before the new site is launched, it would be helpful to get your feedback as to what you like about the current social, anything can change or improve for you as well as ideas about the things you might like to do. Email feedback and idea to us at:

The women, NB and female identified social is tomorrow (August 7th) (do get in touch with Anita for more details) and the next mixed social is September 7th 

After our successful trip to Slapstick Club in late July, do keep an eye out for supported trips to other events such as Torture Garden… more details to follow.

Anita and Andrea

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