November’s NoMo Icebreaker

There was the usual wonderful mix of new and familiar faces at the November NoMo Icebreaker social!

It is always so good to see and experience the vibrant mix of people who are both brand new to poly and those who were doing it before there was even a word for it.

Lots of stories were exchanged as well as plenty of lively discussion around commitment, masculinity, jealousy as well as how and when to share things that you feel might upset your partner(s) (the answer is NOW! Read here for more on this…).

The NoMo team is busy over November planning dates for the new year socials – they should continue on the first Friday of each month – and also with making plans and discussing ideas on how to develop this community further.

All thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

Email us at or connect via the friends system on here!

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