September 2017’s Icebreaker social

Radical relaters and ethical explorers from across London and the wider area gathered last Friday to share their stories and discuss topics that were as varied as our backgrounds and experiences.

With ages spanning three decades we are proving to be a diverse and always engaging group with everyone bringing very different journeys to the discussion. I do not think a single one of us got here, to ethical and non-hierarchical polyamory, in the same way and this is, to us here at NoMo, fascinating.

We all have our own stories and our own individual journeys to continue but it is also clear that we all very much feel the need for a support network of people who are navigating a similar path.

The evening ended with some gorgeous hugs. The team at NoMo are very happy to see these Icebreaker socials growing and becoming a part of the wider poly support community here in London.

We look forward to welcoming more ethical explorers next month!

Register here for the October social…

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