Anita talks desire, adultery and relationships with Christine Wild

Last week, I was lucky to be asked to talk about desire and conscious relationships with writer and sex blogger and all round intelligent and wonderful human being, Christine Wild. Post to follow but the podcast is here and her book (and mine!) can be bought on Amazon…

Consent and conscious relationships

I write a lot about sex in my novel Appetite but I never mention consent. Not writing about consent was a deliberate act. I chose not to discuss how Naomi and Mike interacted with each other and how they discussed their encounters both on and offline, because this is how most people currently make their […]

Bisexuality and binary thinking

Binary thinking is entrenched in western culture and, to some extent, we would not even exist as a species without it. That split second when your body steps away from the kerb and you are saved from the speeding car. The fight-or-flight response. This intuitive, snap-second thinking can save our lives and yet it is […]

Dan Savage On Why Sex Always Wins (via Refinery29)

The takeaway I wish everyone would wrap their heads around is that sex wins. Sex always wins. Sex is more powerful than you are. Sex is 500 million years old. It built us and it will build whatever comes after us. People like to pretend that they’re in charge of their desires or their sexuality, […]