NoMo: Icebreaker Feb 2018

What a fabulous February Friday night! NoMo, the conscious relationships community, came together last Friday to meet, talk and hug. It was wonderful to see so many new faces as well as to give a warm hello to those who have been coming regularly now for more than a few months. No matter what the […]

Bisexuality and binary thinking

Binary thinking is entrenched in western culture and, to some extent, we would not even exist as a species without it. That split second when your body steps away from the kerb and you are saved from the speeding car. The fight-or-flight response. This intuitive, snap-second thinking can save our lives and yet it is […]

Mono & NoMo – the differences between unconscious monogamy and radical relationships

Before I begin, it is important to state that this is not an attack on monogamy but on UNCONSCIOUS monogamy. By this I mean the state in which relationships are begun and maintained with no conscious and open dialogue about monogamy, socially reinforced relationship patterns/structures (e.g. the relationship escalator) and how the relationship operates within […]

This week we are mostly reading…

A hello and an autumnal update from your radical relaters! After a busy summer, NoMo are all very much “back to school” and working and reading as much as possible. One of your team, Anita, has a novel being published in the new year (more details to follow!) and other team members are studying for […]

Non-monogamy in your 20s (via

A fascinating insight here into young woman making a choice to be non-mongamous. We here at NoMo will be exploring the connection between life stages and non-monogamy more in the coming months and would love to know what you think…