City and self

I am back in my city. Having lived in three countries before the age of twelve and more than twice as many houses and locations in those countries, London is the only place I have ever called home. The list of places in London that I have lived in the ten-year stretch of my twenties […]

How being “selfish” made me a better parent

One of the most common accusations I have had levelled at me since I came out about my open marriage, subsequent separation and now polyamorous lifestyle is that I was the epitome of selfishness. I promise you that no one has thought that about me more then I have. The question I asked myself, before […]

NoMo: Icebreaker April 2018 – Climbing and comfort zones

As a change from the norm, NoMo gathered at Clip’n’Climb in Chelsea to push our limits and enjoy some laughter. Harnessed up, we then scaled and raced each other up various fun and VERY high climbing walls before abseiling down and landing, some more gracefully than others, on the much appreciated solid ground. Most of […]

Being seen, or Who is organising the diary in your relationship?

Sometimes we uncover BIG things. Sometimes, the work of months and months of therapy can feel very unrewarding, the feeling and seeing of so much internal pain just makes you feel so much worse rather than “better”.  This is a common reason why people end therapy but also one of the reasons why I seem […]