NoMo on BBC Radio Five Live

Your founders were asked to contribute to a conversation about polyamory and non-monogamy on BBC Radio Five Live earlier in April 2018. The dialogue was between us as well as a psychologist and researcher, Dr Christine Campbell, and relationship coach, Sam Owen. Listen from 2:36. We would love to know what you think!

Always two there are

Like many of you, I spent last New Year’s Eve in the company of some friends, a mix of known faces and new ones. Also thanks to the inevitable board game, as the house party kicked off we all got the opportunity to know each other better. I don’t make a mystery of my lifestyle. […]

Porn panic! (via Justin Lehmiller)

There has been a spate of articles online of late about the horrors of porn use with porn being blamed for the usual catalogue of social miseries. Justin Lehmiller uses science and psychology to put the myths to rest…