Women and female identified only social – August 2018

Last night I ran the third of our women and female identified conscious relationship socials. It was another successful evening with half a dozen of us getting together to talk about monogamy, non-monogamy and the challenges of managing WhatsApp as well as difficult feelings! There was lovely range of experiences and everyone had different stories to share. Some common threads remain though and seems that we all, across two decides of life experience, often struggle with difficult emotions as well as concerns about being good enough (and the challenges of managing texting!)

The next women only event will be in a cafe to accommodate some requests for an alcohol free space and I will also be changing the description to ensure that the non binary and intersex amongst the London community feel more welcome.

These events are part of a broader community. NoMo has been running for well over a year and runs popular and fun mixed social events to discuss relationships and sexuality in a space that is very supportive and welcoming.

The next mixed social is on September 7th – please register at or RSVP if you are already a member.



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